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Privacy Policy for Make-a-Fruppet


This Privacy Policy describes the information collected by Make a Fruppet, LLC (“MAF,” “we,” “us” or “our”) through our mobile applications and website and how we use that information.

We Collect Limited Information with Our Applications.

When you download and use our Make-a-Fruppet mobile app, we don’t require you to provide any information and we don’t collect any information about you or your device, with the exception of the following:

(i) Non-personal information about the duration the mobile application used and how it is used, such as the screens viewed and actions taken within the Make-a-Fruppet app, which is used solely to enhance and improve our application; and

(ii) Email addresses of parents who wish to receive our updates, with those email addresses used solely to send the updates and win a fruppet.
When you use the Make-a-Fruppet app and elect to enter to WIN, we will ask that you provide us with your name, email address & cell phone number, so we may notify winners. We don’t share or disclose any of that information, other than the stated purpose.

(iii) When we ask you to submit personal information, it will be for the purpose of notifying an entrant that they have won and we may then ask for a physical address of winners, only so that we may ship the user-designed Fruppet to the winner. We may ask users to accept notifications, to notify users of other chances to win, or other company related information, not in marketing. Submitting to win assumes that this privacy policy has been read and agreed to. Your personal information will never be sold or shared for reasons other than stated.

(IV) Make-a-Fruppet utilizes “Parental Gates” before allowing children to post or share content from the Make-a-Fruppet App. “Parental gates” require the parent, guardian or user above the age of 13 years,  to enter their birth year as a form of consent before asking for personal information on the App. Users must be 13 to hold social media accounts, therefore that is the age required to enter to win and submit contact information to MAF. Already outlined above are examples of the limited personal information MAF requests.

(V) We use the anonymous information that is automatically collected to support the internal operations of the Platforms. This information is  collected through the Apple Developer Program, but not third parties. Internal operations include the following: We will monitor metrics such as total number of visitors, traffic and app performance issues. We will also seek to understand which features are most and least popular.

(VI) We may or may not be able to understand, generally, the demographics of our user base, and/or recognize the browsers used to visit our sites, so that the content is adapted for the relevant browser; and to diagnose and fix technological issues, such as crashes.

We Comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

Our website and mobile applications comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”). We don’t knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13 in violation of COPPA, and if in the event that a user identifies himself or herself as a child under the age of 13 through a support request, we will not collect, store or use, and will delete in a secure manner, any personal information of such user.

Business Transfer.
If MAF decides to sell or otherwise transfer part or the whole of the Company, or our assets to another organization (e.g., in the course of a transaction like a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, dissolution, liquidation), your personal information, and any other information collected through our Platforms may be among the items sold or transferred. The buyer or transferee will be required to honor the commitments we have made in this Privacy Policy, and users will be notified of such a transaction.

To Receive Updates, We Need Your Email Address

We provide updates on the release of new design packs, current winners,  and other company info that parents can elect to receive by submitting their email address on or by providing an email address through parent-specific portions of our Make-a-Fruppet app. Our collection of email addresses is only for the purpose of sending such information and, to the extent such email address collection is governed by COPPA, such collection is made under Section 312.4(c)(3) of the COPPA rules effective July 1, 2013, which requires that we notify you that:
(i) we are collecting the email address for the sole purpose of notifying users of design pack updates and current winners
(ii) we use the email address solely for that purpose and the email address is not combined with any other information; and
(iii) you may opt out of receiving these updates at any time by unsubscribing.
(IV) If a user opts out of receiving emails, such updates are provided on

When You Request Support via Email

We allow users to contact us if they have support questions about the use of our mobile application. If you submit a support request, we may receive your email address and other information you provide related to your support request (“Support Information”). We use Support Information only for the support for the internal operations of our website and Apps as provided under Section 312.2 of the COPPA rules effective July 1, 2013.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

We use your email address only for the purpose of sending design pack updates and notify winners to you. We use Support Information only for the support for the internal operations of our website and Apps as provided under Section 312.2 of the COPPA rules effective July 1, 2013. We will not rent, sell or share your email address without your express consent or in the following circumstances:

(i) We may share your email address and/or Support Information: (a) to protect the security or integrity of our website and mobile applications, (b) to take precautions against liability; (c) to respond to judicial process, or (d) to the extent permitted under other provisions of law, to provide information to law enforcement agencies or for an investigation on a matter related to public safety; and where such information is not used for any other purpose, all in compliance with Section 312.5(c)(6) of the COPPA rules effective July 1, 2013.  For email addresses not subject to COPPA, such as email addresses collected through our mobile applications designed for adults, we may share those email addresses on a confidential basis in connection with a merger or acquisition involving our company.

(ii) Users will have a choice of sharing via iMessage, email, notes, or creating a contact image. When saving (green check mark), Fruppet’s will automatically be saved to your device, to prevent accidental loss of design. Users may be able to share on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram and Pinterest, if those apps are installed on the device in use. If these apps are installed on a user device, then the option to share via said platforms will appear in the option menu. Sharing actions will not be activated unless a user above the age of 13 years enters their own birth year in order to unlock the “Parental Gate.”

Security of Make-a-Fruppet Users

Make-a-Fruppet aims to maintain the security of information but does not guarantee all information security measures are fail-safe or guarantee information on a Platform may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed. Make-a-Fruppet Platforms maintain technical and organizational steps to keep information collected secure, including limiting the number of people who have physical access to our database servers and use of electronic security systems and password protections to guard against unauthorized access.

A Note about Push Notifications

For our iOS application, we may send push notifications if the user opts in to receive them.  Apple’s push notification process automatically provides us with a token which is identified to a specific device, enabling notifications to be sent to that device through Apple’s push notification service.  The token is used only to send push notifications. The token is not disclosed and is not used for any other purpose or combined with any other information. We send push notifications to communicate information about updated features on our app as well as new features/packs. Notifications can be turned off through the “Notifications” tab within iOS “Settings.” NOTIFY ON PACKS

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. The use of information we collect is subject to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time such information is collected. If we make changes in the way we use your email address, we will notify you in advance of posting by email. Such modifications will become effective on the date set forth in the email.

Other websites and services

(i) Make-a-Fruppet platforms (social media and/or web sites)  may direct users to other websites or apps (charities we support or puppet-making community events or members), including content offered by other sites that we do not control and whose privacy and data collection practices may differ from ours. Make-a-Fruppet is not legally responsible for the practices employed by any websites or services linked to from our Platforms, including the information or content contained within them.

Online safety

Being engaged with your family's web/app activities is the first step to ensuring online safety. Therefore, we encourage all Make-a-Fruppet users to be educated on privacy matters. As a starting point, Make-a-Fruppet suggests the following guide published by the federal government,

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please send us an email at info at

Updated as of June 23rd, 2019